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Are You Worried about Your Future? Is the Mortgage Strangling You? Are You Paying Too Much Tax? Then DO Something about it !! With over 20 years of experience, helping families provide for their financial futures, you too now have the opportunity to take your financial future to the next level, but you need to stop thinking about it and talk to someone that can steer you onto the right path The launch of AnalytIQ in Australia is turning heads and opening financial minds. This new personal 1 on 1 approach to debt reduction and elimination to assist wealth creation with the use of investment property is making a lot of people very happy. About You What are the greatest concerns most people face today? How to get the Home Mortgage gone as fast as possible How to get better use of the taxes we pay How to ensure they have provided security for themselves and their children How to Retire and maintaining a comfortable lifestyle Does it appear obvious to anyone that ALL of this revolves around Money? So..... How to control your money and NOT let it control you How to use our tax system to assist you with money, and... How to deliver a sound financial strategy ...are all critical in making sure you finish in the top 10% of the population, and not the 90% of the population come retirement time. Happy to accept coin for initial consultation which is valued at $1,500 Please call Paul Stafford on 0414188611

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