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I educate home buyers on how, why, what loan they should choose. I have published a book – ‘Smart Women, Smart Home loans' exactly for that purpose. I create blogs quite regularly and discuss various scenarios which is educational. I support a charity – CARE and I guarantee to return phone calls within 24 hours. If a prospective client cannot afford to buy, I will not push them into buying. I rather help them prepare to buy in the next few months or years whenever they are ready to buy. I not only help clients secure a low interest rate, but also provide options based on low other fees (application fees, LMI, legal fees, settlement fees, ongoing fees and so on). Clients have the flexibility – I meet them at a place and time convenient to them. When they sign up with me, I regularly update them (twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday) about the status of their loan, so they are not kept guessing. I offer a free annual review every year to my clients to identify potential opportunities for them. I truly use a wide variety of banks unlike some brokers who only offer the two or three preferred lenders of their choice. I help my clients with any issue post settlement – whether it is after 2 months or 2 years. Having Financial Planning qualifications enables me to educate my clients about risk protection as well as home loans. I am passionate about helping others succeed financially.

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